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Installing the jacuzzi bathtub

Several selection criteria are essential to choose jacuzzi tubs. The first step is to know which style of bathtub is suitable for the bathroom, a classic model, design or creation. The space available as well as the shape of the bathtub are very important parameters, although manufacturers offer a wide variety of products.

There is a whole host of shapes. Between the straight, corner, round, island balneo bathtub ... you will be spoiled for choice. Only the dimensions of the bathroom can restrict this wide range and curb your desires.

It is very important to know your taste in terms of care and well-being. What are your body's needs? Physical and muscular relaxation, various treatments ... The greater the number of nozzles, injectors ..., the more efficient and pleasant the massages will be.

Not to be neglected, the comfort of the bathtub with the computer and the remote control which facilitate the start-up and the operation of the whirlpool bath. Automatic filling, as well as heating the water to keep it at the right temperature, is important. An ergonomic headrest will make the tub more comfortable.

It will be necessary to take into account certain equipment such as the faucet with removable hand shower, the filling spout, the overflow, the apron of the bathtub ... All the available options: sensitive keys, programmed massages, number of massage points, number of spots, shapes, materials .... will vary the prices. The system certified by the NF-Balneo label is a guarantee of the quality and hygiene of the bathtub.

Installing the bathtub

The whirlpool bath, like the classic bathtub, requires installation in accordance with precise rules. The major difference between the two is the electrical operation of the spa bath. Precautions and safety instructions must be strictly observed to avoid any risk of accident.

The installation of this bathtub must be entrusted to a confirmed professional. The bathtub being in a water room, the installation must meet the safety criteria (NF C 15-100 standard). Compliance with the rule of volumes must guarantee the safety of the device and the place, and above all, of people. On the other hand, you will have to think about ventilating the room and therefore installing controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV), to avoid humidity problems.

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