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Why LED lighting in a jacuzzi?

Having LED lighting in your spa is not only good looking, it has other functions that many people don't know about. Light is not only used to illuminate the pelvis at night: it helps to relax and can even be used for therapeutic purposes. On, we offer you the right combinations and the best LEDs that you can use at home. The benefits of light or chromotherapy There is a difference between the lighting of a swimming pool and the lighting of a small hot tubs for sale: if for the swimming pool, it is used mainly for safety reasons at night, in a jacuzzi the light fully participates in the rest and relaxation; this is called chromotherapy, that is to say that light is used for therapeutic purposes, that is to say that the body is therefore subjected to the energy of color and light. So you can buy a pool that is already equipped with LED light or if you have already purchased a simple spa, you just need to buy LED spotlights or floating lamps that are simply put on the surface some water But there are also other significant advantages of having LED light rather than standard lighting; even if the LED lighting is a little more expensive, it has a slightly longer lifespan because they are mainly halogen and incandescent lights. The brightness emitted by the LED lights is less aggressive and therefore a little more comfortable and greatly facilitates relaxation, om can also have a little more choice of color, and vary its intensity. LED lighting also has the advantage of consuming less energy so your electricity bill is unlikely to explode. Let yourself be tempted by the use of LED lighting for your spa, we promise you a pleasant moment of relaxation, while having a good element of therapy at home! The comfort and well-being that ask for more.

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