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Ways of relaxing the body and soul

The stresses of recent life can really take their toll, so we’ve chosen our top 10 spa holidays to revive and relax your mind, body and soul. Spa holidays are an excellent way of giving yourself the break you deserve, allowing all aspects of your health to enhance.


High stress levels can cause health problems like increased vital sign, mood swings, poor skin and over eating. Stress are some things which will be actively tackled, and there’s no better thanks to do that than on a luxury jucuzzi tubsholiday. Escape to Spain where the SHA Wellness Clinic team will create a bespoke plan which incorporates daily spa treatments, holistic activities and nutritional advice, designed to eliminate tensions in mind and body. Shiatsu and deep tissue massages are excellent ways of releasing pressure, and activities like yoga and Pilates will have you ever feeling flexible and toned.

Tone your body

Whilst being relaxing and restorative for your mind and soul, a beach spa holiday also can challenge your body in new ways. Combining a luxury spa separate a multi-activity holiday has benefits starting from increased energy to looking and feeling younger. There’s not only the incredible Spa Bamboo, fully equipped with a Jacuzzi, treatment rooms and expert practitioners, but also a comprehensive range of physical activities. At some point you'll be tackling the planet famous surf, and therefore the next you'll be mountain biking along dirt roads and taking within the beautiful scenery.

Sleep Easy

Integral to keeping your body in balance, sleep can often be compromised by a busy home life, resulting in poor health and irritability. Allow the Kamala Sleep Enhancement programmer to correct these imbalances and improve and regulate your sleeping patterns. Sleep experts will address the causes of your sleeping disruption, provide solutions and teach you new techniques to encourage better sleep cycles. This truly relaxing spa and detox holiday is that the height of luxury and can offer you everything you would like to fall under a blissfully deep slumber.

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